Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Business Training for Business Owners

Professional development and training for small business owners
Business training is a form of professional development.

Determining Business Training Needs

Entrepreneurs and business owners often determine the training they need based on problems they encounter and timing. i.e., An owner using QuickBooks will need help with a particular facet. If the need is dire, he’ll search for training. If the need is not, he’ll put it off unless he sees an offer for QuickBooks training. Owners having trouble making sales may seek out training on sales or marketing or both. Depending on the age and technological background of the owner or how much interaction she needs, this training will be online (webinars, online courses) or at a local college, training offered through a business association or entity such as SCORE, or through a training company. The decision often depends on what’s available when the business owner needs it, how much of a time and energy commitment the training requires, and the perceived value of the training.

No "One Size Fits All"

I recognize that there is no one size fits all. Therefore, I recommend a variety of training types: online ecourses, webinars, community college courses or university continuing education/extension center courses, 1-day or multi-day, in-person training, training offered by SCORE, the SBA, SBDCs, or local business incubators,… The list is long. Some people learn very well on their own, others need interaction. When I hear about a great training series on a particular topic – marketing effectiveness, small business financing, increasing sales, better human resource management, market pursuit – I will recommend these. The training must be specifically targeted to small business owners and address particular pain points; those pain points can vary widely but they relate to the myriad issues small business owners face. If in person, that training must facilitate networking among the attendees.  

Your Training Needs

What are your training needs? What do you currently do to determine and address those needs? Please share!

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