Thursday, May 14, 2015

When Is Debt Better than Issuing Equity?

When is debt use better than equity use for a small business?
When should I nearly always use debt instead of issuing equity?

I wrote this in response to a journalist's request to answer the following: 

Question: When is it better to take on debt than to issue equity?


If your small business has sufficiently high cash flow to repay a loan for a specific item, such as construction equipment or computer hardware, that will help your company increase its profits and cash flow within that payback period, your business should take out a loan. Alternatively, you can utilize lease financing.  Why do I say this? Because your loan is backed both by cash flow from your business and collateralized by the asset. Therefore, the interest on the loan (typically ranging from 6 -12%, depending on several factors) will be significantly less expensive than the return on investment expected from an equity investment (typically ranging from 25 - 40% for investors who are not family or friends). In addition, the risk of not being able to pay back the loan will be minimal.
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