Monday, June 8, 2015

Certification as a Woman-Owned Business - The Ins and Outs

Female business owners, we are looking for you to weigh in on
the purpose, process, and pros/cons of having your business
certified. We want to create an empowering, inclusive article
for women considering starting their own business. Please use
the following questions as prompts.

1. What is certification anyways?

2. What is the purpose of getting certified? Has it helped your
business and how?

2. What is the process of getting certified?

3. What are advantages/disadvantages of certification?
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Monday, June 1, 2015

Have You Relocated Overseas for Work?

Business trip to Venice, Italy
That's me, Tiffany, in the middle. This is not Japan. It's Venice, Italy.
I wrote this brief article in response to a journalist's query: Have you relocated overseas with work?

Lived in Japan

Two and one-half years out of college, I moved to Japan to work as an engineer for Honda. I lived there 2.5 years. I credit my time in Japan and my time spent at Wharton as the two major events that strongly shaped my career path and entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Expat Process

Honda of America Mfg. (HAM) and Honda Motor Co. (HM) handled the entire expat process. They provided me with intensive Japanese language training in the U.S. so I could navigate  my surroundings when I arrived in Japan. They handled the entire Visa and work authorization process. When I arrived, a team took me to shop for apartments, then household goods and made all the arrangements to get me set up in the apartment and the items delivered. My transition could not have been any smoother, from a company support perspective. While there, I received my regular base pay, COLA (cost of living adjustment), FSA (foreign service allowance), an apartment paid for by the company, a transportation allowance and ongoing language classes – both spoken and written.

Have You Been an Expat?

Have you ever relocated overseas and lived as an expatriot for work - either your job or your own company? If so, please share your experiences below.
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