Wednesday, September 2, 2015

To Reach New Customers Understand Your Current Customers

Nurturing current customers not only leads to more revenue per customer, but helps you understand future customers better.
Many business owners neglect current customers in their pursuit of new customers. This does not bode well for increasing revenue per customer. Understanding your current customers - their needs, wants, purchasing habits, demographics, and more - will help you better serve your current customers and... identify and attract future customers.

How did your current customers find you?

Do you ask your customers how did they find you? Was it word of mouth through a friend or business associate? Did they hear you speak at an event or see you at a tradeshow? Did they see an ad or read an article about your business? You need to know this to determine how your marketing and PR efforts are working and where to spend your money going forward.

For example, if your customers heard about your business through word of mouth, then you should focus more efforts on referrals. If they saw your ad, then you need to continue to run that ad.

Use an online survey tool.

If you've never asked your customers how they heard of you, you can use an online survey tool such as Survey Monkey or similar tools through online email service providers such as Constant Contact. If you have customer email addresses, you can email out this survey to them. Otherwise, you can host the survey on your website and put the web address on your written marketing collateral.

An online survey is a fast way to obtain a good overview of the marketing efforts that have been working for you (and those that haven't). This information will help you in pursuing new customers AND increase the impact of your marketing dollars.

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