Friday, January 29, 2016

Business funding podcast interview, radio interview
Inspired Works Website
Here is an interview with Chuck Wang, who interviewed me, Tiffany C. Wright, on getting the funding you need to finance your business and how business owners can get around the difficulties they typically encounter. To listen to the podcast in its entirety, go to 

Key points (taken directly from Chuck's Inspired Works' website):

"Insights into pain points:
  1. Business advisor helping companies with funding
  2. Easy to get funding just have to package it properly
  3. What do you need the money for, why, what else is going on with the company itself
  4. Operational and financial help
Personal life lessons:
  1. Focus on what you need and why you need it not on what you don’t have
  2. Makes order out of chaos
  3. There has to be a solution
  4. You never know who knows someone who may know someone"

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