Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Supplier Diversity: GMSDC via Tuck MBE e-Newsletter

Sponsor Feature – Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council 

(This post is taken from the Dartmouth's Tuck MBE e-Newsletter.) For more information about  Tuck's MBE (Minority Business Enterprise program or other executive education opportunities at Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth University, visit: exec.tuck.dartmouth.edu.)
StaceyThe Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council (GMSDC) is the state of Georgia’s leading small business development and supplier diversity organization. The year 2015 marks the GMSDC’s 40th year of advocacy on behalf of the business community in Georgia. Our core function remains as simple as it is effective – to certify Minority Business Enterprises, help them develop the capacity required to contribute to global supply chains, and then facilitate partnerships with corporations and governments looking for their services. It is a time-tested formula that works, resulting in more than $30 Billion dollars in revenues annually.

Recognized as one of the top councils in the NMSDC network, the GSMDC continues to press forward into new areas of opportunity for its stakeholders. The theme for 2015 – Realizing Tomorrow – is a reflection of our commitment to work diligently with you – the GMSDC family – to help make your tomorrow a reality. Tomorrow will look very different from today, so we must approach the future with a different mindset, as what we did to get here will not take us to the next level. Constantly innovating and willing to collaborate – without the limitations imposed by traditional paradigms – will be a winning formula. Whatever your ‘Tomorrow’ may be, you can be confident that the tools you need to get there are available through your GMSDC. Constantly working to add value to your GMSDC investment is what drives us every day – it is the promise we make to the business community here in the great state of Georgia.

For more information on Tuck's amazing MBE growth and strengthening programs, please visit: exec.tuck.dartmouth.edu .

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