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The 5 Secrets to Charging What You're Worth

I trust that you will enjoy this guest post, The 5 Secrets to Charging What You're Worth, by Vanessa Ugatti. If you are a consultant, own a consulting firm, or provide freelanced services, this article is for you. Enjoy! - TCW

If you're reading this article, it's almost certain that you recognise that you're not charging what you're worth. Maybe you don't really know your value or perhaps you're too modest or possibly you're just not able to get your client to understand the value you provide. Let me reassure you that, whatever your problem, it can be resolved; if you really want to learn how to charge what you're worth, you can.

There are 5 secrets to charging your true worth:

Secret 1:

 Recognise and admit that you are under-valuing yourself. Get very clear about the behaviours which are causing you to not charge what you're worth. Write them all down, however painful it may be. Get brutal, if necessary and flush them all out; leave no stone unturned until you can honestly say to yourself, that's it. There's nowhere to hide, nowhere to run! Very often, people who are under-charging in one way or another will come up with reasons and excuses and bury their heads in the sand, so they don't have to face up to facts! Give this up right now.

Secret 2

Work out what your service is really worth to your clients. If you don't understand what it's worth to the client, then it will be almost impossible to charge effectively. Talk to your current and past clients, so you can get their perspective on it. Without doing this, you may just be guessing and the chances are you'll under-estimate.

Secret 3

You must be willing to change. This means doing things differently and stepping out of your comfort zone or if you prefer into your adventure zone. Granted, it's scary but the alternative is just not an option. If you're not willing to change, you will never be able to charge what you're worth. You will stay exactly where you are now which, in effect, is like going backwards! How painful is that?

Secret 4

Don't take no for an answer!

Secret 5

You must be willing to invest in yourself. If you don't, you are actually saying - I'm not worth it! How then can you possibly expect to be able to charge what you're worth, because you just don't value yourself at all? This one is a biggie. So many businesses aren't willing to invest and then wonder why they are not advancing. It's easy to say: "I can't afford it or that's expensive." It's just another excuse and it's usually not even true. It's a choice you make. I didn't go on holiday for 5 years because I chose instead to invest in myself and the business and it's paying off. This December, I'm going to the Gambia, to celebrate my worth. Invest in yourself and your business and you will be able to charge what you're worth.

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