Thursday, March 10, 2016

Why Are So Many Companies Against Remote Hires?

A virtual work force can help small businesses.
Remote workers can be very productive, while still taking time for themselves.

I hire remote workers / virtual work force.

 I do hire employees to work remotely. I also allow existing employees to work from home /virtually on occasion. I have a strong operations background. For example, I always share the company’s goals with employees and create position contract that clearly delineate what each position’s (and the person holding that position) strategic and tactical responsibilities are, and how those tie in to the company. Because I make the expectations and deliverables very clear, I can focus on results, not whether someone is working. If the results aren’t occurring, they aren’t working or something else is wrong. 

All people do not work the same.

I came to the determination that all is not created equal in a job I had after grad school. I worked 9-10 hours per day and there was someone else who worked 12-13 hours per day. His manager thought he worked harder than I did until I pointed out that our deliverables were exactly the same. However, I could do what he did in far fewer hours!

The take-away: It's not whether someone is working where you can see them, it's whether they are getting the actual work needed done!

There is a lack of clear expectations and deliverables.

I think some hiring managers and business owners are resistant to remote hires because they do not have clear expectations and deliverables specified in advance. They don’t work from a business plan and do not know what they want, beyond the day to day or weekly items. Therefore, they cannot possibly accurately convey this to an employee and they most definitely cannot track and assess the performance!  

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