Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Why Small Business Owners Need to Engage with Employees


 In client and prospective companies, the business owners and CEOs do not fully realize the impact they have on employees. In fact, a few honestly have absolutely no idea. Let me be very clear: As the CEO and/or owner of a firm with employees, your employees view you as a demi-god, even if they don't admit it. 

They may complain about you, but they know you provide their paycheck and you deal with headaches they'd (usually) never want. You set the company culture, so your firm's culture largely reflects your management style and your values and priorities. Your position our words and actions carry much greater weight than the words and actions of others. 

Because of this, you can make someone’s day just by saying hi to them. On the other hand, you can mess up someone’s day by walking by them without saying a word. So say hi. Engage. Connect. And see what happens! 

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